Friday, February 13, 2009

Random Question Time

I've decided to answer random questions about my work here on my blog and also to throw the same question out to fellow crafters/artists. Some will come from questions I've been convo'd on etsy, stuff I've written for other places, and hopefully, some will come from questions posted here. Today's random question is:

• What is your most treasured tool?

I live for round toothpicks. Right now my local grocery store has only squared off ones, which don’t work for the details that I need. Dots, lines, holes, they do everything! I’ve actually begged, borrowed, and even stolen round toothpicks from friends and family’s houses. They don’t last forever, and I never know when I’m going to find more.

So what is YOUR most treasured too? Please post about it, as well any burning questions of yours in the comments section :)


  1. my seam gauge. i use it for every area of my creative life...origami, copper work, sewing, knitting, name, i need to measure it and the seam gauge is my little pocket sized life saver. plus, it makes a smashing straight edge.

  2. I love my ring mandrel. It's shiny and beautiful. It's stepped, so it's easy to get a perfectly sized ring.

  3. Round toothpicks??? I hear you on that one!! I get mine in a red/blue little box at Walmart. I also love my tissue blade/slicer.