Friday, February 27, 2009

New Easter Gift Sets

The Easter Egg Hunt has always been an integral part of my celebration. I always wondered what I would get inside of the brightly colored plastic eggs. As I've grown older and had my own daughter participate in Easter Egg hunts, I've been particularly amused to watch her reaction to the candy-filled finds. Last year, during the actual hunt, she ignored the eggs altogether and opted to pick up sticks. Later, when she realized that the other kids eggs contained candy, she became more enthusiastic.

For every major holiday, I try to come up with new products that I can make to give to my daughter's teachers (I used to be in education--Heaven knows teachers deserve all the appreciation they can get). With Easter and Eggs and Egg hunts in mind, I created these little gems. They are little colorful egg post earrings that I can package in a plastic Easter egg with fake plastic grass. An upside of the design is I can also call it recycling because I've collected the plastic eggs over the years (didn't want to just throw them away).


  1. I agree; teachers do deserve all the appreciation they can get!!

  2. Oh my that is so cute!!! I absolutely love it.