Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Troll Tracks

Today's featured artist is a talented polymer clay sculptor. She makes polymer clay sculptures of babies, elves, and forest animals

I was involved with polymer clay way back when there was no internet and not many clay choices.I was a wildlife wood carver, looking for something less dusty and messy. I gave up on polymer clay for many years because it could not trust it not to crack. I carved wood animals for many years, but returned to polymer clay because nothing else will create the realism in human skin tones and because I found the clay I love to work with. I use Fimo brand soft in flesh tone for almost everything I do now.

My favorite thing to make is whatever I'm doing at the moment. I tend to keep coming back to babies, whether human, fantasy or animal. I'm starting to look into reborning also. I'm definitely headed in that direction.

Polymer clay is just the greatest medium for realistic skin tones and ease of use. It is not messy which is a plus and there are very few boundaries with clay. I can make babies or a dragon or a pendant all with a lump of clay.

My advice for anyone starting with clay is to go online and look at what people make. When you find something you really love, that is your inspiration. Take the idea and make your own version. Don't get discouraged because clay takes alot of prictice to learn how to mold and work with it. Plan to make more than one of the same thing. Have fun. I nearly gave up trying to make hands, but I had to learn to do it. What took me two hours now take me ten minutes. I've made hundreds of hands by now.

Check out this great link at http://www.polyclayplay.com/FreeProjects.htm
There are projects and inspiratiion galore over there as well as free tutorials.
And you can check out her etsy shop here: http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=6377456

Thanks, TrollTracks


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  2. Her work is absolutely lovely! I myself work with polymer clay but have been unable as of yet to create a nice, life like, sculpture. Thank you for featuring her :o)

  3. That baby is adorable!! The little fantasy creature babies are just so cute! I could see why you'd come back to it!!